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Anti-vax hacker leaves offensive QR code

A French woman broke into a hospital’s servers in protest against a vaccination mandate

An engineer at Hospices Civils de Lyon (HCL), a major university hospital center in France, was so outraged by her employer’s request to get vaccinated that she took drastic action.

In September 2020, the woman hacked into the servers of the Edouard-Herriot Hospital, integrated into HCL, and removed some files, replacing them with “an offensive QR code,” French media reported on Thursday, citing a public security agency of the Rhone Region.

The woman also presented a fake health pass to her employer, which then led to her suspension from work. The hospital filed a complaint about the hack, and the ensuing investigation eventually identified the culprit.

The engineer was detained and pleaded guilty. She claimed the urge to resist the vaccine mandate coupled with “work overload” had pushed her to commit the crime.

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The woman has been released and is scheduled to appear in court in September 2022.

A health pass as proof of vaccination status and Covid test results was introduced in France in 2021, and was replaced by a vaccine pass this year. People must show the pass to enter a wide range of everyday venues, including bars and cafes.


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